Daniel Arce – In search of the Polyscratch


In search of the Polyscratch: Theoretical and Practical approaches to integrating cross rhythms with scratching

This 20 page study on integrating cross rhythms with scratching was created for the long study project of my final year undergraduate degree in Creative music technology at Hull University. It won the school of arts and new media award for the best undergraduate extended project in 2012.  After years of procrastinating, it’s now been editted and polished to be released.

The study includes:

  • Theory sections –
    Classic/modified TTM
    Additive approach
    Comparison of cross rhythm and regular time scratches
  • TTM diagrams of 6 cross rhythm scratches (Chirp OG Flare, Turnaround Transform, Balanced Hippopotamus, Crescent Lucky 7, Enneagon, Hendecagon), written discourse, links to additional audio examples of variations of these scratches and links to demonstration videos.
  • TTM and written discourse of 2 cross rhythm influenced regular time scratches (Royal line & Chirp Boomerang).
  • TTM, video demonstration and written analysis on pattern phase shifting.

The study is designed to demystify cross rhythms patterns and give clear and concise approaches for practicing and creating these particular types of scratches.

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