I’ve been thinking recently about how the words can and can’t operate on a psychic level. Using the visual metaphor of a door we could say that the function of can opens an internal door for exploration, which may later find external expression; whereas it’s antithesis can’t functions to close a door impeding internal exploration and removing or distorting external expression.

Within the body we have many such doors, which find their expression or repression through the refinement of our inner dialog. Body awareness functions partly as a feedback system to feel out the psychic location of doors. When something is open or closed in the body, it will be felt in the body emotionally. New knowledge can create new doors, some of which can bolster or weaken feedback loops that effect emotional sensitivity and resilience. Calibration of emotions must in some way involve interaction, integration and collaboration with older structures. When older and newer structures of the brain align with purpose a harmony likely occurs, causing the mind to leap toward fulfillment of one’s purpose. When these structures have opposing purposes, some form of systemic disregulation is occuring causing the mind to doubt and sabotage efforts.

can and can't Knowable Knowns book art
pg 64 – ‘I is not singular’ from Knowable Knowns; Unknowable Unknowns – A Neurotic Book of Meditations

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