Ambivalent Works is a unique platform that showcases the creative output of artist Daniel Arce (DJ Chile) and his friends. With a focus on art, books, and clothing, Ambivalent Works offers a diverse range of thought-provoking wares.

Our art collection features a variety of abstract designs, intricate illustrations, and bold graphics that seek to disrupt and awaken new ways of thinking. Our book collection focuses on individual journeys of personal growth and self discovery through art. Our clothing line is designed for those who value both comfort and style, with a focus on sustainable and ethical production.

At Ambivalent Works, we believe that creativity has the power to inspire and transform, and we’re dedicated to sharing the work of artists who share this vision.

About Daniel Arce

Daniel Arce (DJ chile) is a scratch DJ, freelance music facilitator, artist and author from Hull, England. DJ chile holds two titles as the 2011 WTK world champion and 2013 IDA national champion in freestyle scratching.

Daniel has a passion in music education and has worked extensively as a music facilitator for almost a decade. He also teaches scratch technique online through his youtube channel. Daniel offers one to one tutorial sessions and has tutored all abilities from beginners to multi award winning DMC world champions.

Daniel’s art is heavily influenced by Psychology, Philosophy, and Buddhism, often adopting a note taking style mixing writing with drawings in an attempt to break down topics into visual analogies for self learning purposes.

To date, Daniel has released four self published books; In search of the Polyscratch (2019); Knowable Knowns, Unknowable Unknowns – A neurotic Book Of Meditations (2020); Colour the inner world (2021) & Knowable Knowns; Unknowable Unknowns – A Neurotic Book Of Shadow Integration (2021).

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