Mike Sprout & Sam Donaldson – This Place (soft cover)


A collection of illustrated poems that explores deep engagement with Place – with Land, Being, Body, History, Humanity, Community, Nature. What is the place of the human being within this interconnected web of life called earth? Thirty poems richly illustrated with observations of the natural world, and two essays reflecting the struggles both artists are involved in – the inner journey, grief for a world in turmoil, and the search for a life of compassion and action.

The poems and the pictures are about beauty, both the tangible beauty of plants and skies, and the illusive inner beauty of openness to change, realisation of hard truths and the struggle for a more beautiful world… We hope that the collection will not only be a beautiful piece of art, but that it will also be a helpful tool, offering ways for readers to settle into their own place and explore the question of how to step forth into this world, each footprint full of meaning and love…

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