Daniel Arce – Knowable Knowns; Unknowable Unknowns – A neurotic book of meditations


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The Knowable Knowns; Unknowable Unknowns series attempts to merge disparate threads of knowledge together in an abstract, thought provoking format. A sprawling mesh of illustrations and writings attempt to point the reader in various often contradictory directions. The book challenges it’s reader and attempt to provoke self contemplation. This distinctive approach blends principles of art therapy with Buddhist analytical meditation to reflect on problems of human existence.

A neurotic book of meditations is an 82 page collection of thoughts with abstract accompanying drawings. Most of the pieces were created over a four month period (December 2019 – March 2020) during a time of neurotic introspection. Many of the pieces follow a ‘wonem’ (me now in reverse) structure, which is a diary method of drawing and writing. This style typically includes a meditating motif with analytical descriptions of thoughts and feelings.

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