Daniel Arce – Knowable Knowns; Unknowable Unknowns – A Neurotic Book Of Shadow Integration


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Knowable Knowns; Unknowable unknowns – A neurotic book of shadow integration. This is a limited edition first print batch. Each copy is stamped and numbered.

  • 90 page perfect bound A4 size illustrated book.
  • Includes bookmark & 2 high resolution digital A4 prints.

The Knowable Knowns; Unknowable Unknowns series attempts to merge disparate threads of knowledge together in an abstract, thought provoking format. A sprawling mesh of illustrations and writings attempt to point the reader in various often contradictory directions. The books challenge the reader and attempt to provoke self contemplation. This distinctive approach blends principles of art therapy with Buddhist analytical meditation to reflect on problems of human existence.

A Neurotic Book of Shadow Integration continues the series with an illustrated annotation dense investigation of the Shadow self. The work focuses on the admittance, acceptance and appraisal of darker emotions; those concealed or repressed aspects of the personality that are often denied because of an incompatibility with and blind bias toward one’s persona (publically reinforced self image). The book acts on the assumption that when we can earnestly examine and appraise parts in ourselves that we normally deny, we tend naturally to move overtime toward greater maturity and autonomy. How we view others also gains resolution; a world that was once black and white; full of either friends or enemies – Gradually expands to include a fascinating complexity of gray values that perhaps more closely models the hidden machinations and moral weighings of the human mind.

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