DJ chile – Circular Causality EP (2013)


An experimental scratch EP featuring compositions and freestyles by DJ chile and samples by Charles Manson and Robert Anton Wilson.

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Excerpt from turntablistworld EP interview –

What’s the story behind your EP?

There’s no major story behind it other than it just seemed like the next step up from what I had been putting up onto soundcloud. I realized that just uploading small freestyles and the odd half finished track or loop wasn’t going to help me creatively or financially long term, so I took a bit of time over summer to really work on something I could eventually release. The EP as a whole tries to merge things I’m interested in outside of scratching with scratching itself.. So there’s references to Eastern philosophy and the title is borrowed from psychology.

Where does the name “Circular Causality” come from?

With traditional cause and effect, a cause creates an effect.. So one cause might be that I put my keys somewhere I wouldn’t usually and the effect was that I couldn’t find them later.. With circular causality things become less clear and the effect can also become a cause and perpetuate a situation.. An easy example I guess would be ‘I can’t get a job (effect) because I don’t have experience (cause) because I can’t get a job (effect) because I don’t have experience (cause) etc.. Sort of like a circular trap.

I think it also happens a lot in social situations, where we want to pinpoint a singular cause to blame, when often the cause and effects are shared between people involved.. Like in an argument between two people, it doesn’t matter so much that someone said shit to you first, because after you react back with an insult you’re creating another cause to enter into the argument. It’s like an unspoken negotiation between people involved to create the conditions for an argument.. This stuff fascinates me, so it found a way into the music.

Were there any challenges making it?

The whole process of track creation and laying the cuts down took about a month and a half. I actually made 5 tracks, but I didn’t think they fit into things thematically, so they weren’t included in the final version. Everything progressed pretty quickly up until it came to the mastering process, but I was lucky enough to meet a mastering engineer recently who took care of that side of things for me.