Daniel Arce – 4D Love (2018)


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4D Love print featured in Colour the inner world printed onto high quality Epson archival matte A3 size paper.

4D love features a central figure reaching eagerly toward the future. The figure appears stretched out in space-time, making the body appear worm like. This stretching out is a visual analogy of the process of gaining insights through examination of one’s personal history.

The piece tries to convey a causal relationship between self development and daily habits. The love in question is the dedication required to attain lasting change and tangible growth. Patterned blocks in the background represent re configurations taking place in the development and maturation of the psyche. Triangular symbols in the background are taken from alchemy and signify the balancing elements of nature (earth, air, fire and water). A rune symbol used to represent clairvoyance is also included, since if we could view ourselves in 4 dimensions we would have clairvoyant abilities in regards to our experience. There are also variations of symbols used by the Mapuche of Chile and the mountains represent the Andes.

This piece is also featured in the colouring book Colour the Inner World and is also available as a T-shirt.

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